Frequently Answered Questions

Q. Who is eligible for AJF?
A. You must live in Ankeny or attend the Ankeny schools to be eligible.  Flag football is for kids entering grades 1-7 and tackle football is available for those entering grades 5-7.
Q. How much does it cost?
A. Flag football is $145.  Tackle football is $190.    For 2020, we are asking people to register and charging just $1 (so we can capture credit card information) but will only charge people the full registration cost if a season is held.
Q. When is registration?
A. June 15 - July 30. All registration is done on-line through the website.   We are using this time to determine how many registrations we get to help us understand what a season might look like if football happens in the fall.
Q. How do I sign-up to be a Head Coach, Assistant Coach or Team Parent?
A. There is a place in the registration process that allows you to indicate your choice. Or you can email your League Administrator.
Q. What are the signs and symptoms of a concussion?
A. Click to view important information about concussions
Q. When do we get equipment?
A. Dates for equipment handout are still being determined.  We will update the website when we know the dates.
Q.  What equipment is provided by AJF?
A. All equipment is provided EXCEPT for football shoes (no metal or screw in cleats) and football pants.  All flags(flag divisions), jerseys , helmets and shoulder pads (tackle division) and mouth guards are provided by AJF. 

Q.  When are games played?
A.   All AJF flag games are played on Sunday afternoons starting at 12:00 PM.  Tackle games in Ankeny are on Sundays beginning at 12:00PM.  MIYFL games at other venues can be on other days.  

Q.  When do practices start? When will they be scheduled?
A. First day to practice will be the day after the coach’s rules meeting (date TBD). Coaches will schedule all practices. Each team has a maximum contact hours limit of 5 hours per week. Practices are not allowed on Fridays in order to support Ankeny Hawk and Ankeny Centennial Jaguar football.  Practice times are at coach's discretion.
Q.  Where and when are practices held?
 A. Practice location is up to the head coach.  AJF reserves the right to cancel or delay practices due to weather conditions.
Q.  How is AJF organized?
A. Ankeny Junior Football is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors.  Each division of teams has League Administrators to oversee the play and coaches in each division.
Q.  What if a game gets rained out?
A. Generally, unless the fields are in bad shape we play in the rain. We will reschedule if games get rained out. The final make-up game schedule will be decided by the Board.
Q.  What if I have a complaint?
A. If you have specific complaints about your coach, please contact your League Administrator. For all other complaints, please contact the Board.
Q.  What is “Zero Tolerance Policy”?
A. AJF has a Zero Tolerance Policy towards poor behavior by participants, coaches, officials and spectators. Depending on the demonstrated behavior a person violating the policy may be asked to leave or even banned from attending the games. Please check out our policy on the website.

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